Parent's Guide to Teenage Substance Abuse

Local Slang for Drugs

  • Marijuana - Smoke, Trees, Weed, Dub, “L” (New Term for Blunt), Choke, Chronic, Herb, Wood, Pot, Reefer, Green, Jay, Purple Haze, Hydro, Blazing, Joints
  • Marijuana with cocaine - Woo, Wooze
  • Cocaine - Coke, Yeah, K, White Horso, Blow, White, Yack Dust, White Daddy, “C”, Caine, White Lady, Powder, Snow, Ride the White Horse
  • Heroin - Smack, redrum
  • Acid - Paper, Blots, Liquid, Liquid Blue, Microdots, Purple Pyramid, White Blotter, Purple Microdots
  • Ecstasy - E, Beans, X, Candy
  • Ecstasy with acid - Candy Tripping, Candy Flipping
  • Methamphetamine - Crank, Junk, The “B” Word
  • Ketamine - Cat, K, Special K