The New Emerging Epidemic: JUUL Use Among Youth and Young Adults

January 30, 2019
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Speaker: Jim Martin

Location: Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services, 245 Hairston Street, North Wing Training Room, Danville, VA 24540

Cost: $25.00

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This training session will focus on the new landscape of tobacco products and the emergence of JUUL, the ecigarette product that has become extremely popular among kids and young adults. The session will discuss how they work and what they look like. The session will discuss the latest prevalence data among youth and young adults as well as the current research on e-liquid aerosols. The training will discuss steps that the FDA has taken to regulate JUUL and other e-cigarette products, as well as options for state and local governments to supplement and enhance federal regulation.

Key Learning Objectives:

• Describe the new flash-drive design of e-cigarettes • Learn about characteristics and common chemicals found in the aerosol of e-cigarette devices

• Discuss the health impacts of using these devices

• Describe the health risks of exposure of secondhand aerosol, especially among various vulnerable population groups

• Discuss the issues of "cessation and harm reduction" related to these new tobacco products

• Learn about regulations of e-cigarettes at the federal, state and local levels

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