Arrive Alive (Pittsylvania County 2019)

The Arrive Alive campaign was the spring 2019 campaign done with the Youth Advisory Committee in Pittsylvania County. It encouraged teens to refrain from drinking alcohol and driving, specifically targeting teens going to prom and graduation parties. This was done through in school education during high school lunch periods using brochures and “drunk goggles”, posters around the schools, billboards around the county, free t-shirts and a Snapchat filter available on prom night.

Join the 65% (Pittsylvania County 2018)

The Join the 65% campaign was done in spring 2018. A member of the Youth Advisory Committee helped develop the campaign based off of survey results from Pittsylvania County schools that showed that 65% of students had not drank alcohol in the last 30 days. This campaign was done by using posters around the schools that the teens helped design and free t-shirts.


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